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Fume emissions from reaction vessel
Fume emissions from reaction vessel

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience, enabling us to provide a professional occupational hygiene service to the North Queensland region.

Being local to Townsville we are uniquely positioned to enable a prompt and easily accessible service, with reliable and continual client support. Our consulting services have assisted global metals and manufacturing companies, national organizations, and local business of all sizes.

If you’re an employer or person in control of a workplace, you will have legislated obligations to ensure the health and safety of your workers and others.

Routine maintenance on internal walls of shaft furnace
Routine maintenance on internal
walls of shaft furnace

You are required to take a risk management approach to occupational hazards, and to prevent or minimize risks where they exist. For effective hazard identification, evaluation and control, an occupational hygiene consultant can provide an essential service to your business.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand your Occupational Health and Safety obligations and responsibilities, or you may not have in-house access to the technical knowledge and assistance you require.

We can help you to understand your OH&S obligations, assist you recognizing and evaluating workplace hazards and provide easy to understand reports and advice that will assist you with your compliance issues.

Excavator operating inside hold of ship
Excavator operating inside hold of ship
Contact us if you would like a confidential discussion of your OH&S issues, or if you would like more information about the services that Canary North can offer your business.

About the director

With a background in industrial chemistry and after nine years experience in an industrial analytical laboratory, Trini Trembath was approached to undertake work in the field of Occupational Hygiene - a specialty area within the field of Occupational Health & Safety. Discovering that she found the work particularly enjoyable and rewarding, she turned her sights on a career in this direction.

Eye wash and safety shower

Eye wash and safety shower
facilities at process plant

Trini is committed to her work in this field, and has further enhanced her practical skills in this area by completing a Graduate Certificate of Industrial Hygiene Science in 2001, and then a Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety in 2005.

She is also a certified WH&S Officer and is a member of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists. She has also completed many workshops and courses, covering a multitude of topics such as occupational noise, gas detection, diesel particulates, screening audiometry, exposure statistics, and the safe transport of diagnostic specimens. Her experience is diverse‚ working with both large industrial organisations as well as providing support services to small business.

She has provided consultancy services in a wide range of occupational hygiene issues such as inhalable and respirable dusts, metals, and fibres, gases and vapours, PAH’s and VOC’s, diesel particulate and gases, noise and lighting, heat, and biological monitoring.

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