Occupational hygiene monitoring is generally concerned with quantifying a workers exposure to those hazards in the workplace that may affect health and safety.

Many larger workplaces have in-house risk management guidance and assistance procedures that they can follow, though smaller workplaces may find it necessary to engage the assistance of a specialist consultant. For smaller workplaces, the QLD WH&S Risk Management Advisory Standard is an excellent source of guidance.

These hazards present in a variety of forms and the occupational hygienist is specially trained to deal with a broad range of these:

Contamination of hand washing facilities in work place

Examples of some of these hazards are:

Dangerous goods storage area

Canary North can provide assistance with your occupational hygiene monitoring requirements ..

Whether this is as simple as conducting the sampling requested and reporting back results, or as complex as assessing the workplace and implementing an appropriate monitoring program.

As many workplaces lack the equipment and skills to manage their workplace health and safety monitoring, it is appropriate and cost effective to bring in specialist assistance. Canary North has the knowledge and experience to provide a competent and complete occupational hygiene service, meeting the requirements of your workplace.

Dust sampling for operators at plate repair and checking station

All monitoring and sampling services are conducted using appropriate methods or guidelines with appropriate sampling media, and all equipment is maintained and serviced/calibrated as required.

Details of compliance requirements, sampling methods, and evaluation standards are given at proposal stage, and full explanation of all aspects of sampling are provided in a detailed results report at the conclusion of the work.

Contamination at pump that maintenance crews must work with.

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